Stakeholder Engagement & Materiality

We proactively engage our stakeholders to promote transparent and continuous dialogue regarding our business and sustainability efforts.

In 2020, we embraced a broader and more proactive engagement process with stakeholders, conducting more one-on-one interviews and discussions and applying feedback in our ongoing efforts.

We solicit input from a diverse group of stakeholders – including consumers, employees, customers, health care professionals, suppliers, policy-makers, shareholders and nonprofit partners – through a variety of formal and informal methods including forums, surveys and individual meetings.

Each stakeholder’s unique perspective helps inform our material topics and ongoing approach to sustainability. Many of the issues identified through stakeholder engagement – including achieving universal coverage, improving health care affordability, advancing value-based care, simplifying the health care experience, advancing health equity and addressing the determinants of health – informed the development of our sustainability agenda.

Although the priorities of each stakeholder may vary, there is a common expectation that UnitedHealth Group has the responsibility and capabilities to address the most pressing challenges facing the health care system. We will continue to take an intentional approach to stakeholder engagement efforts and how we take action on the feedback we receive.