UnitedHealth Group is a health and well-being company led by 330,000 team members united in our mission to help people live healthier lives and help make the health system work better for everyone. We are pharmacists, physicians, nurses and social workers. We are technologists, data scientists, engineers and researchers. We are care advocates, administrators, project managers and more.

Together, we are committed to helping build a compassionate and patient-centered health system that ensures every person has access to affordable, high-quality health care that meets their unique needs. While each of us brings a diverse set of experiences, perspectives and expertise, we share a profound sense of responsibility to ensure our company and society broadly become more sustainable each day.

Within the pages of this report, you will find a comprehensive and transparent description of our commitments, actions and achievements: how we are helping to expand access to high-quality, affordable care for everyone, improve the experiences for providers and patients and achieve better health outcomes for the people we are privileged to serve. You will see examples of our progress in addressing health disparities and advancing health equity, including the investments we are making to build a more diverse and inclusive health workforce well beyond our own company – a workforce that reflects the breadth of the communities and people we are privileged to serve.

Lastly, you will find stories of compassion, bravery, ingenuity and resilience as we describe how our team members continue to serve on the front lines of care and support the most vulnerable among our neighbors and communities during this extraordinary time of need.

As a company, we view sustainability as a core element of our business strategy. We are constantly striving to ensure progress in our efforts by having clear and measurable goals and welcoming the engagement, input and accountability from our many stakeholders.

Importantly, we submit this report with a certain degree of humility. While we are proud of our progress to date, we understand just how much more work must be done to realize society’s collective aspirations and our potential as a company. We will continue to work in partnership with others across the health system and beyond to advance our mission and help to create a modern, high-performing health system.


Andrew Witty
CEO, UnitedHealth Group