Developing & Growing Our Talent

Helping to create a modern, high-performing health system requires a workforce that is constantly learning and innovating. Career pathing needs to start early, with robust virtual onboarding and digital tools for self-assessment, development planning and learning to help our team members grow their careers at UnitedHealth Group.

Our talent development initiatives provide employees with self-assessment tools, learning experiences, formal and informal education, mentoring opportunities and rotations to grow their skills and careers. 

These programs offer curated and experience-based learning opportunities that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and provide individualized development opportunities. We offer robust career development through our Center for Clinical Advancement, Optum Tech University, Technical Leadership Development, and investments in the training and development of our team members.

Our Common Language of Leadership (CLL) provides a vocabulary to describe the behaviors necessary for success, ensuring we have a shared language to objectively define our expectations for leaders to identify, develop and deploy talent. 

Employees use a web-based application to self-assess their skills and behavioral practices and our proprietary system uses algorithms to present them with the best development pathways based on their individual results and needs. This common language is woven into our processes for identifying, selecting, rotating, developing and rewarding talent across the organization.

Common Language of Leadership
  • 151k employees completed a self-assessment to identify strengths and opportunities
  • 67k employees received feedback from their manager about their skills
  • 119k employees have created a career goal in their Development Action Plan