Public Policy

UnitedHealth Group engages in efforts to help shape and inform public policy decisions that ensure all people have access to high-quality, affordable health care. Our participation – including making political contributions – is designed to improve the health care system and positively impact the people we are privileged to serve, our employees and shareholders.

Our Engagement

Our public policy engagement is focused on addressing the most pressing health care challenges and opportunities in the communities where we live and work. Public policy efforts are led by UnitedHealth Group’s External Affairs organization, with engagement and partnership across UnitedHealth Group, including the Optum and UnitedHealthcare businesses. We engage government officials at the federal, state and international levels, serving as a trusted and solutions-oriented voice in the important discussions about health care reform and modernization.

Overall, key areas of focus include:

  • Developing and advancing public policy solutions.
  • Conducting internally generated research to provide key insights on the most pressing issues facing the health system.
  • Partnering with leading academic institutions to work jointly on health care research and data analysis efforts.
  • Fostering strategic partnerships with key stakeholders on policy and advocacy initiatives.

Our Priorities

We are committed to helping ensure every person has access to high-quality, affordable health care that meets their unique health care needs and financial means. We support solutions that build on the strengths of today’s health system and leverage innovative, proven, private-sector approaches and successful public-private partnerships. Our priorities include:

Achieving Universal Coverage by strengthening and expanding existing coverage options and public-private partnerships. We believe that the 29 million uninsured individuals in the U.S. can be covered through Medicaid, exchanges and the individual market.

Improving Health Care Affordability with the goal of reducing health care costs for consumers, employers, governments and the broader health care system. We believe this can be accomplished through a series of solutions, including transitioning to value-based care, addressing the high cost of prescription drugs and delivering more care at lower-cost sites of service with better clinical outcomes.

Enhancing the Health Care Experience by expanding the use of secure digital tools that deliver personalized, actionable cost and quality information, streamlining and standardizing quality measurement and increasing workforce capacity by amending state and federal scope of practice laws.

Achieving Better Health Outcomes by improving care quality to reduce the burden of disease. We believe improved health outcomes can lower health care costs by 40% by compensating providers for cost-effective, high-quality care, promoting evidence-based clinical approaches to care delivery and improving health literacy.

Additional public policy information can be found in The Path Forward on UnitedHealth Group’s website.


Political Contributions

Political contributions are part of our efforts to advance solutions intended to ensure all people have access to high-quality, affordable health care. Our Political Action Committee is managed by a long-established governance process, that includes a thorough review and approval of each contribution, and public disclosure of contributions in accordance with our Political Contributions Policy, including publishing semiannual political contribution reports on our website. The Board of Directors’ Public Policy Strategies and Responsibility Committee has oversight of political contributions and our advocacy efforts.