Committed to expanding access to care, improving health care affordability, enhancing the health care experience and achieving better health outcomes.


What We're Focused On:

Expanding Access to Care

Connecting People to Care

We are committed to helping ensure every person has access to high-quality, affordable health care that meets their unique health care needs and financial means. That includes using digital tools and virtual platforms, investing in primary care and a long-standing commitment to achieve universal coverage.

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Improving Health Care Affordability

Helping to Reduce Health Care Costs

We are committed to helping lower the cost of care for those we serve. Working across the health system – with governments, customers, providers and consumers – our objective is to help change the trajectory of health care spending to lower the total cost of care.

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Enhancing the Health Care Experience

Dedicated to providing a seamless, personalized health care experience

We measure the experience of the people we serve so we can eliminate burdens, improve health outcomes and innovate customer-centric solutions. Through personalized member support, we help people navigate and interact with the health system, seeking to achieve world-class experiences.

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Achieving Better Health Outcomes

Helping improve health outcomes and reduce the burden of disease

We strive to take a holistic approach to delivering care that can prevent chronic disease, address health care disparities and improve health literacy. By enhancing the performance of the health system, we can better meet the needs of those we serve.

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Advancing Health Equity

Committed to addressing health disparities and advancing health equity

For more than two decades, we’ve led efforts to identify, monitor and address health disparities – working with community organizations and national partners – to help advance health equity. Our 330,000 team members are dedicated to addressing health disparities and closing gaps in care for the most vulnerable populations.

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Building Healthier Communities

Supporting the communities where we live and work

Through our businesses and foundations, our social responsibility efforts seek to build healthier communities by improving health care access, affordability, experiences and outcomes.

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Our COVID-19 Response

Supporting our workforce and the communities and people we serve

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have taken action to ensure easy access to affordable care and streamline processes for administering health care for our members, health care providers, customers, employers and consumers around the world.

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Public Policy

Helping to shape and inform health care public policy decisions

We work to inform public policy decisions that improve the health care system and positively impact the people we are privileged to serve, our employees and shareholders.

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