Fulfilling Our Mission

Helping people live healthier lives and helping make the health system work better for everyone.

What Sustainability Means to
UnitedHealth Group

Sustainability is an extension of our business strategy, culture and mission as we work to help ensure the health care system works better for everyone. We are dedicated to positively impacting society by focusing on the following four material topics:


A message from Andrew Witty, CEO of UnitedHealth Group.

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About UnitedHealth Group
  • 142M unique individuals served
  • 4.6K communities supported across all 50 states
  • 330k employees
  • $147M charitable contributions
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Modernizing Health Care

Helping to Modernize the Health System

We are committed to expanding access to care, improving health care affordability, enhancing the health care experience and achieving better health outcomes. Partnering with key stakeholders, we are advancing health equity, building healthier communities and supporting ongoing response efforts to COVID-19.

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Our People & Culture

Celebrating Our People and Experiences

We celebrate our people, ideas and experiences, creating a culture where all team members are appreciated, valued and able to reach their full potential. We join together as individuals – forming a team as diverse as the people we serve – in meeting our responsibility to improve the health system.

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Responsible Business Practices

Committed to Ethics and Integrity

For more than 40 years, we’ve developed strong and effective governance practices through compliance, board diversity and independence, a commitment to ethics and integrity, and an emphasis on data security and supply chain management.

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Environmental Health

Mitigating Our Impact on the Environment

We recognize the important role the environment plays in the health of every community and we are committed to mitigating our impact on the environment.

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Our 2020 Performance

UnitedHealth Group tracks a variety of key performance indicators.

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